May, an epic poem about youth

  • Auteur: Herman Gorter
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Softcover, illustrated, bilingual. 'May' describes the magical journey of adolescence against the background of Holland’s flowery dunescapes. In strokes of wonder-filled impressions a stunningly unspoiled girl, May, explores the promise of springtime and the intense spiritual life of youth. However, the cycle of life always moves on, and as May matures and returns to earth, she finds it readying for summer. When Herman Gorter published 'Mei' (May) in 1889, this spontaneous and vibrant epic poem was immediately recognized by his peers as a landmark work for Dutch literature. 'Mei' was perhaps an inevitable product of the artistically revolutionary and highly lucid spirit in The Netherlands of the 1880s. While Gorter’s contemporary, Vincent Van Gogh, had just completed the groundbreaking Sunflowers series of paintings, Gorter succeeded with Mei to compose his own artistic monument of colourful power and innovation. Illustrated bilingual edition.

Hardcover, illustrated, bilingual.

Herman Gorter's masterpiece "May" describes the magical journey of... € 25,99